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She, her, hers

Undergraduate Institution

Arizona State University


Current Location

Phoenix, AZ


Silverspring, Maryland

Personal Interests

  • environmental justice
  • intersectionality
  • grassroots organizing
  • non-profit leadership

Professional Interests

  • Law, Policy, and Regulatory Affairs

Kelly Baker is currently a few months away from graduating from Arizona State University, pursuing a degree in Sustainability and hopes to pursue justice studies through graduate school. Through her love for sustainability and social justice, she has fostered a deep passion for environmental justice. Her mission statement is to give those without a voice representation and to uplift those whose voices have been silenced by systems of oppression. Kelly has interned for the USDA, organized an uplift youth climate conference, and has forged an abundance of love for the Colorado Plateau through her conservation studies. Kelly is currently focused on dedicating her passion to the creation of an intersectional movement for climate justice and to aid in uplifting the conservation community as they have uplifted her.