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Undergraduate Institution

University of Alaska Anchorage



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Personal Interests

  • Baseball
  • Hiking
  • traveling
  • exercise
  • Music

Professional Interests

  • Arts, Music, and Culture
  • Energy and Climate
  • Government
  • Law, Policy, and Regulatory Affairs
  • Social/Environmental Justice and Equity
  • Volunteer Management


  • Adaptability
  • Includer
  • Responsibility

Alejandro Soto was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He is a current university student attending the University of Alaska Anchorage where he is specializing in Environment and Society with a minor in Political Science. Since his arrival in the United States in 2010, he has gained opportunities to serve in various leadership positions nationally and locally. He has served as a member and leader of the Alaska Geographic Youth Leadership Team, an Arctic Youth Ambassador, A member of the National Park Conservation Association (NPCA) Next Generation Advisory Council, and as a Doris Duke Conservation Scholar. Alejandro is making an impact, and his goal is to reach all audiences with the value of getting outside and diversify the field of conservation. All while introducing people to the beautiful outdoors and the caring for our public lands. 



During his free time, Alejandro likes to spend time with his family, and although his family does not like to spend much time outdoors, he is trying to change their opinion little by little. Finally, he also enjoys long walks, camping, climbing, kayaking and, above all, simply spending time in the woods trying to learn more about nature and how it benefits all of us.