Undergraduate Institution

University of Arizona


Great Basin Institute/Death Valley National Park


NEPA Technician

Current Location

Tucson, Arizona


Batesville, Arkansas

Personal Interests

  • cooking
  • RuneScape
  • health and wellness
  • nonfiction books about the impending doom of climate change and other natural resource issues
  • Hiking
  • reading longfkrm articles
  • citizen archivist missions

Professional Interests

  • Journalism, Communications, Outreach
  • Law, Policy, and Regulatory Affairs
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Water Quality or Watershed Management
  • Wildlife, Ornithology, Endangered or Threatened Species

I have a combination of genetic blood clotting factors that put me at an extremely higher risk for thrombotic events than a 'normal' person. This means I am supposed to be on blood thinners for life. Only problem is, they were making feel so fatigued, dizzy, and miserable during college that I decided I would rather roll the dice for my life every day instead of live a life that didn't feel worth living. So for a long time, I haven't considered myself disabled. But now, with reports of COVID-19 increasing coagulation even in normal people, I am back on the medicine I hate, indefinitely. The medicine that has no reversal agent, the medicine that can kill me if I so much as bump my head too hard, the medicine that makes me feel like I can't get out of bed. So now, I re-identify with this label. It is a constant internal conflict for me, on whether I really am. 

I don't really know what my accommodation needs are. I wear a medical bracelet now in case I get hit by a car and start hemorrhaging or something.