Preferred Pronouns

she, hers

Undergraduate Institution

Humboldt State University



Current Location

Eureka, California


Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Personal Interests

  • yoga
  • Rock Climbing

Professional Interests

  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality or Watershed Management


  • Woo

My name is Blenna Kiros and I am a graduate of Humboldt State University, a college located in a small rural town in northern California. What many people from this town don’t know about me is that I am long ways from home. When I was fourteen years old I moved to Atlanta,Georgia to live with my father. I lived with him for four years while attended high school. I thought everything was different, the people, the food, the weather, the academic system and the list can go on forever making it a bitter sweet experience for me because as much as I loved my new home I missed Ethiopia, my other home .