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She, her, hers

Undergraduate Institution

University of Arizona


USDA Forest Service


Tribal Relations Specialist

Current Location

Lanham, MD


Frederick, MD

Personal Interests

  • Hiking
  • cooking
  • playing guitar
  • gardening
  • social justice

Professional Interests

  • Agriculture, Horticulture, and Gardening
  • Conservation
  • Education (Higher Ed)
  • Education (K-12)
  • Energy and Climate
  • Journalism, Communications, Outreach
  • Social Entrepreneurship or Sustainable Business
  • Social/Environmental Justice and Equity


  • Adaptability
  • Analytical
  • Arranger
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Positivity

My name is Sandy! I was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland and moved to Tucson, Arizona for college in 2012. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources in May 2016. I am passionate about education, outreach, and minority inclusion in conservation. I hope to one day blend my personal interests of cooking and gardening with my professional interests of communication, social justice, agriculture, and sustainable business. I believe that habits in conservation and sustainability truly lead to a better livelihood and enhanced state of well-being, but this may not be inherently obvious to many individuals. Through demonstrating approaches to more sustainable living, my goal is to get people just as excited about conservation and sustainability as I am.

I currently work for USDA Forest Service as a Tribal Relations Specialist serving the National Office of Tribal Relations. 

I am so enthralled to be a part of the DDCSP alumni network, and I'm very happy that my involvement with the program did not end with the internship. DDCSP was a life-changing part of my undergraduate education. I am always excited to reconnect with some familiar faces.