Undergraduate Institution

Virginia Tech

Current Location

Arlington, VA


A message from the University of Washington 2014 Cohort:

Our dear friend Lacey Lumpkin passed away earlier this year after a courageous battle with cancer. The grief has been heavy and difficult to process and it’s still hard to imagine a future without Lacey. She was a radiant member of the DDCSP UW family; she had an iconic sense of style, the best humor, and an incredible smile. Lacey graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Geography, specializing in GIS and Urban Planning. Lacey began pursuing a Master’s in Urban Planning with a passion for enhancing ecosystem services across urban communities and supporting financial independence in low-income communities. Wherever she went, she created families through her vibrant charisma and humility— at DDCSP @UW, at Virginia Tech, and at UNC Chapel Hill. Although much of the alumni network will not get the chance to know her, she lives on through the memories and stories of those who enjoyed many sunsets, car rides, and adventures with her. Lacey was a visionary and a critical thinker who loved a good Southern-style meal and even better company. We will continue to remember and honor Lacey Lumpkin through our participation and dedication to this conservation movement, lots of laughter, and by making space for the transitions life brings us throughout our network and beyond. ¡¡Lacey, we love you!! Rest in Paradise.