She, her, hers

Undergraduate Institution

University of Arizona


Tucson Audubon Society


Restoration Project Manager

Personal Interests

  • Rock Climbing

Marci moved to the United States when she was 18, she grew up in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Egypt. The constant movement in life between cultures and environments has perfectly placed her in Tucson, AZ. In 2011 she graduated with a BFA in printmaking then wandered off into the Rocky Mountains working on trails crew for 4 years. In 2015 she decided to get another bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona in Natural Resource Management. This second time around she concentrated on her love of restoration ecology and found herself working on restoration projects throughout the Sonoran Desert and Colorado Plateau. Being outside is where she is at peace and feels the most grounded. Understanding her environment inspires the work she pursues and the art she continues to make. When not in the field apologizing to plants she’s stepped on, you can find her and her partner climbing rocks, talking about restoration way too much, trying to figure out where the next check dam should be installed, mountain biking way too early in the morning, cooking up a feast from another country, or carving creatures out of linoleum blocks. “I’ve always strayed away from a straight path and continuously wander. This wandering has ultimately brought me to gold every time.” This video represents who I am a lot:

Personal Interests:  Restoration ecology, printmaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, wild adventures, teaching my dog all the tricks, cook food from around the world, reading graphic novels, staring at plants, thinking about plants, dreaming about plants

Professional Interests:  Restoration ecology, riparian restoration, pollinators, pollinator habitat, large landscape ecology, green infrastructure, green space, social justice, environmental justice, BIPOC activism