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Undergraduate Institution



NY Office of Parks, Recreation, & Historic Preservation


Interpreter of Native American History

Current Location

Clifton Park, NY


Lewiston, NY

Personal Interests

  • environmental justice
  • skiing
  • Reading
  • Art
  • Rock Climbing
  • kayaking
  • gardening

Professional Interests

  • Conservation
  • Education (Higher Ed)
  • Education (K-12)
  • Energy and Climate
  • Forestry
  • Government
  • Journalism, Communications, Outreach
  • Land Stewardship
  • Law, Policy, and Regulatory Affairs
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Open Space Preservation and Parks
  • Social/Environmental Justice and Equity
  • Sustainability
  • Volunteer Management
  • Wildlife, Ornithology, Endangered or Threatened Species


  • Achiever
  • Analytical
  • Learner
  • Relator
  • Responsibility

Hi! I'm from the Tuscarora Reservation (near Niagara Falls, NY) and currently residing in the Capitol Region in New York. I'm the Interpreter of Native American History for NY State Parks & Historic Sites. I work with the entire agency, our sites, partners, and public to develop, update, and highlight our Indigenous interpretation and educational materials, build and strengthen relationships with Nations that have traditional lands in NY, and create infrastructure within the agency to help support Indigenous knowledge sharing.