she, her, hers

Undergraduate Institution


Current Location

Los Angeles, CA


Northridge, CA

Personal Interests

  • Spending Time with Friends and Family
  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • volunteering

Professional Interests

  • Energy and Climate
  • Recycling and Waste Management
  • Social/Environmental Justice and Equity
  • Sustainability
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Water Quality or Watershed Management


  • Achiever
  • Analytical
  • Includer
  • Responsibility
  • Strategic

Hello! I am a graduate Civil and Environmental Engineering student at UCLA with a focus in environmental and water resources engineering. . My academic interests are centered around water/wastewater treatment and the ways in which those practices can be applied to water conservation and reuse around the world, especially in urban areas and highly populated areas. I’ve also participated in research with one of my professors related to environmental justice and measuring the different forms of pollution that affect primarily minority communities and neighborhoods in LA. Outside of academics, I am passionate about diversifying the field of engineering as well as the conservation movement. I spend time volunteering with underrepresented students of color in the Los Angeles area and encourage them to continue their education, pursue STEM-related subjects, and explore the field of conservation.