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Undergraduate Institution

Arizona State University


Dallas Downtown Association


Program Manager

Current Location

Dallas, Oregon



Personal Interests

  • Hiking
  • Reading
  • Politics
  • Deserts
  • Cinema

Professional Interests

  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Water Quality or Watershed Management


  • Analytical

My name is Gabriel Leon, and I have a fiery passion for the American West. As a fourth generation resident of Arizona, I carry with me a deep passion for both the people I sit next to on the bus, and the land on which I stand. I live and breathe the Sonoran Desert, and it is the sunsets every evening, and the monsoon storms each summer that keep me determined to fight for the economic and environmental future of the Southwest.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, and spread myself thin volunteering on humanitarian aid, and variety of other half-hobbies that I never fully commit to including but not limited to: guitar, learning Czech, poetry, drawing, and putting together jigsaw puzzles.