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Undergraduate Institution

University of Wyoming


Tracy Aviary


Conservation Outreach Biologist

Current Location

Salt Lake City, UT


Chino Hills, CA

Personal Interests

  • Wildlife Art
  • Scientific Illustration
  • Birding
  • Reading fantasy/YA novels by QPOC authors

Professional Interests

  • Conservation
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Open Space Preservation and Parks
  • Wildlife, Ornithology, Endangered or Threatened Species


  • Analytical
  • Competition
  • Intellection
  • Learner

I'm a zoologist enamored with fieldwork and wildlife (especially birds and mammals). Originally from Chino, CA, I completed a B.S. in Zoology+ Painting minor at the University of Wyoming (2019).  I currently work as the Conservation Outreach Biologist at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, UT.  I'm coordinating & designing community science projects, surveying local bird populations, and creating science-art! I've previously worked wildlife field jobs and spent the longest time at the U.Wyoming Museum of Vertebrates (<3 natural history collections!) and Organ Pipe Cactus Natl Monument. My professional interests encompass academic research in wildlife ecology/biology and science-art collaborations. In my spare time, I'm cooking new recipes, reading YA fiction, illustrating cryptid safety brochures, rock climbing, bachata dancing, and hiking with friends. I LOVE hosting fellow alumni so don't be afraid to contact me if you're around Salt Lake City!