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She, Her, Hers

Undergraduate Institution

College of Menominee Nation


USDS Forest Service, Region 9, Washburn Ranger District, WI


Interdisciplinary Specialist Intern

Current Location

Washburn, WI

Personal Interests

  • Music
  • Art
  • Culture
  • traveling
  • Learning
  • Sharing

Professional Interests

  • Agriculture, Horticulture, and Gardening
  • Land Stewardship
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Social/Environmental Justice and Equity
  • Sustainability


  • Adaptability
  • Analytical
  • Belief
  • Command
  • Connectedness
  • Empathy
  • Harmony
  • Learner
  • Positivity

Alii! Anklel Citralina Haruo. I grew up in Wisconsin, where I still reside currently. I am a first generation undergrad at the College of Menominee Nation in Keshena, WI; in the Natural Resources and Pre-Environmental  Engineering Technology programs. I am Pacific Islander, Asian, Native American and a splash of European. I continue to seek, learn and pass on the cultures and traditions of ancestors.

I am very much an indigenous woman who is learning about what it means to be an indigenous human in this world. As a global citizen I care deeply about the impacts of climate change on all populations, particularly marginalized and "minority" populations. One of my main concerns is the impact of climate change on Tribal communities and the cultures/traditions of them. As such I am on an academic journey to become someone who has an understanding which could be translated into an audible voice and an asset to the ocean of voices ignored or overlooked. I believe that progress could be made in light of environmental issues and conservation through the cultural and traditional preservation and restoration of indigenous communities.