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University of idaho


University of Idaho



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Moscow, ID


Weiser, ID

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  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Activism
  • Hiking

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  • Agriculture, Horticulture, and Gardening
  • Journalism, Communications, Outreach
  • Public Health
  • Social/Environmental Justice and Equity
  • Sustainability


  • Arranger
  • Empathy
  • Includer
  • Relator
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Hello! I am a graduate of the University of Idaho with a bachelor degree in Biology. I have recently broadened my career horizons and have entered the field of nursing. I am pursuing my bachelor of science in nursing at LCSC in Idaho. I have a keen interest in the interconnectedness of the health of our planet and the health of our people. I am not sure exactly how my double interests will align in the future, but I know they will. I find happiness in giving myself to meaningful organizations and in connecting with those around me. Please reach out! I would love to get to know you!