Join Jannice Newson DDCSP UM '17, Ki'Amber Thompson DDCSP UM '18, and Yewah Lau ELP PNW '16 as they share their experiences of creating a Personal Leadership Plan (PLP) - the challenges, the triumphs, and the works in progress.

What is a Personal Leadership Plan?
In a nutshell, the PLP is a written plan for your life and work. It’s a tool for integrating your learning, planning your direction, and it’s also a key assignment of your Fellowship. The PLP is intended to spur self reflection and planning and serve as a tool to assess your progress towards professional, personal, and leadership goals. It is a chance to examine your personal and professional aspirations and how ELP/DDCSP might help you accomplish your goals. Your PLP will serve as a roadmap for your DDCSP involvement and beyond.

"Doing the PLP was grounding for me. I’m a planner and I enjoy visioning so the PLP was a process of grounding myself in my purpose by writing out my goals and a way for me to keep track of my progress toward living out my purpose/reaching my goals over the course of a year." - Ki'Amber Thompson