Are you working on wrapping up your grad school applications or are you thinking about grad school but aren't sure where to start? No matter where you are in the process, listen to this conversation around navigating the vast universe of grad school. 

Some of the conversation points:

  • Having kids in grad school
  • What are application readers looking for?
  • How do you choose the "right" program?

This informal Q&A session with Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program staff and partners includes:

-Clare E. Aslan, PhD
Co-Director, Landscape Conservation Initiative
Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Sustainability, Northern Arizona University

-Melissa Mark, PhD
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program
Landscape Conservation Initiative
Affiliated Faculty 
School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
Northern Arizona University

-Martha Groom
Professor, Biodiversity Conservation
School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
University of Washington Bothell
PI, Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program
College of the Environment
Adjunct Professor, Biology
University of Washington