Join Véronique Couttee and ELP staff for a conversation on leveraging mentorship relationships. From the initial, sometimes awkward introduction email to maintaining a good mentor relationship, how can we create meaningful and reciprocal relationships?

Join this webinar if you wonder:
-What is mentorship and why is it important?
-How do I choose a suitable mentor?
-How do I reach out?
-How do I develop a good relationship?

About our guest, Veronique Couttee:
"I am originally from Mauritius island situated in the Indian Ocean. After completing my bachelor's in Biology at the University of Mauritius, I joined the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation(MWF) as a field conservation biologist. For two and a half years, I worked for on the monitoring and recovery of critically endangered bird species. My time at MWF allowed me to develop a wide array of skills such as mist-netting, bird banding, translocation, habitat survey, and invasive species control. This experience led me to the neighboring Seychelles islands, where I worked as the Inva'Ziles project officer for nine months. I worked at the World Heritage Site Vallee de Mai, trialing, and establishing invasive species management strategies. In 2018, I came to the U.S through a Fulbright Scholarship to do my master's in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Policy at the University at Albany. My current research investigates the impact of leadership training programs in the creation of effective conservation strategies.​"