Eric Hagen, recent UVM grad, and Sydney talk about the Field Naturalist Program


  • 0:56 General intro to the program.
  • 2:20 How is the program structured?
  • 7:13 Is getting this degree "worth it", since the field is very experience based?
  • 11:30 Affordability.
  • 13:30 Potential effects on the program from COVID-19.
  • 15:18 How was the relationship between faculty and students?
  • 17:00 Workload.
  • 18:54 Does the program address intersectional issues or environmental justice aspects of conservation? 


From UVM's website: "Our graduates are sought-after leaders in stewardship, conservation, policy, ecological planning, and place-based education. Whether they work in boardrooms, backyards, or bogs, Field Naturalists stand out as holistic problem-solvers. Over 90 percent of alumni have careers in the environmental field, and nearly half go on to direct programs for The Nature Conservancy, federal and state agencies, and other such leading organizations."

Check out Eric's final project or the student journal! Big thanks to Eric for sharing about his experiences in this cool program.