The DDCSP Alumni Homecoming will take place on April 4 -7th, 2019 at Bainbridge Island in Seattle, Washington, on the shared lands and waters of Coast Salish, Suquamish, Duwamish, and Twana/Skokomish peoples. We are excited to invite Alumni and ELP Senior Fellows to join us and share your experiences and skills with the alumni community.

We are now accepting proposals for workshops, sessions and dialogues for this event on the following topics of themes:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Conservation/Green Careers: how to navigate predominantly white or dominant spaces from the margins, challenging power and privilege without authority.

Storytelling and Dialogues: climate change, working across party lines or in conservative spaces, food sustainability’s intersection with conservation, local Seattle or Pacific Northwest region /POC leader success stories and lessons.

Collective Impact: building people power, community organizing and Taking Action on climate change as a community.

Career Prep: how to choose a career, apply your strengths and get your foot in the door.

Grad school: how to select a program and school, what to know when applying, how to survive and thrive in academia.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: We will accept proposals until January 13, 2019. Proposals will be reviewed by ELP staff and a committee of DDCSP alumni. Selected presenters will be notified by Jan 31st. Meals, lodging and flights (if needed) will be covered for all presenters.

Selection criteria:

  • Includes a POP - Purpose, Outcomes and Process are clearly defined
  • Addresses one of the major themes outlined by DDCSP Alumni (above)
  • Proposal clearly targets primary audience of DDCSP alumni
  • Participants will clearly receive tangible benefits regarding knowledge-enhancement, skill development and strategic perspectives

We value the contributions people from equity-seeking groups and encourage applications from LGBTQ+ people, Indigenous peoples, people of color, low-income earners and the unemployed, immigrants and refugees, and people with disabilities or another equity seeking group with which you identify. If you wish to identify as belonging to an equity-seeking group(s), please feel free to indicate so in your proposal.

We also look forward to centering the leadership, work and contributions of local leaders and communities in the Seattle and wider Pacific Northwest region.

Questions? Reach out to