Mentor Flyer


“Participating in the ELP Mentorship program is a great way to stay connected and involved with DDCSP and its amazing alumni network. It enables you to form supportive and encouraging relationships with a group of diverse environmental professionals you can talk to about anything you feel comfortable with both professionally and personally. The time commitment is flexible and accommodating to everyone’s needs, so if you are worried about that, know that your group will work with you! Starting and building on my personal leadership plan these past months have really helped me stay organized and keep my goals on track especially with my mentor’s guidance and pod mates’ support.” - Catherine L.



Looking for an opportunity to discuss professional goals, challenges, and questions with peers and a mentor in the environmental sector? Join a 6-month mentorship program between Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Alumni and the Senior Fellows from the Environmental Leadership Program. Mentors and mentees will meet virtually in small learning circles called pods, comprised of 4 DDCSP alumni who are matched with a mid - senior level career environmental leader. This structure will provide both vertical and horizontal mentoring opportunities, allowing each participant to learn from each other and to offer their expertise and knowledge.

Personal Leadership Plan

Over the last 20 years the Environmental Leadership Program has supported more than 1200 Environmental Leaders in completing a Personal Leadership Plan, or PLP, a plan for accelerating your growth and mapping out a shortcut to realizing your dreams.;

A PLP is your very own personalized roadmap that can help you figure out:

  • What is most important to you in your life and career?
  • What are your strengths and happiness practices that you want to cultivate?
  • What are your near and long term goals, milestones and the resources and support you have to overcome any challenges in achieving them?

In the mentorship program, you will work in a pod with your peers and an ELP mentor once a month to develop each section of your Personal Leadership Plan. Your pod will be there to give you advice and ask questions to help you reflect and plan your personal and professional growth.

What to Expect


  • Mentors and mentees will be matched based on their goals, interests and compatibility based on assessments and virtual engagement sessions
  • Receive training on how to get the most of your mentorship experience and onboarding to the program
  • Meet once a month to discuss personal goals, challenges, questions, etc with their mentors
  • Complete Personal Leadership Plan activities each month on the DDCSP slack channels, gain skills in facilitating online discussions and practice your coaching skills with peers
  • DDCSP Alumni Network will host monthly “mentor murmur” virtual conversations between mentors and the larger DDCSP community
  • Mentors will meet 1 on 1 with each mentee in a pod at least once

Click here to view the 2020 Mentorship Program Calendar



  • Can clearly articulate career goals or questions / knows why you want to be mentored or what they hope to get out of it
  • Can make time commitment of 10 hours / month for 6 months
  • Priority will be given to DDCSP alumni who have graduated from college and have not yet participated in ALC


  • Complete virtual PLP sessions on slack
  • Provide coaching, support and mentorship to podmates (peers)
  • Meeting monthly with pod and mentor
  • Meet at least once 1:1 with mentor
  • Create 1 min intro video and Preview page


  • Advance your career goals, grow your leadership skills and learn from expertise peer and senior environmental leaders
  • Build meaningful relationships and community with other DDCSP alumni
  • Gain greater clarity on your career goals, identify your personal strengths and increase self-confidence, increase your personal resilience and sustainability and expand your network
  • Receive feedback and support from peers and mentor to advance your goals and skills
  • Have fun!   




  • Passionate and enthusiastic about sharing personal experiences, advice and guidance, as well as learning from younger generation of leaders
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Experience with mentoring, coaching, facilitation, teaching, etc a plus
  • Demonstrates ability to actively listen, has a growth-mindset
  • Can commit to provide at least 3-4 hours / month
  • Is working in environmental / social change field for at least 5+ years


  • Create a 1 min intro video and preview page
  • Attend Mentor training on core mentoring skills and mentoring from an equity lens
  • Review and become familiar with PLP framework and curriculum
  • Attend 1 monthly pod call and provide guidance, facilitation, leadership, feedback and advice related to monthly PLP topic
  • Conduct 1 on 1 mentoring with each pod member (least 1 hour / mentee during 6 month period)
  • Share updates, challenges, questions, etc. with ELP as they arise and during regular check in meeting with ELP 
  • Read and provide guidance and constructive feedback on each pod members PLP
  • Expose mentees to resources, connections and opportunities that will advance their leadership goals and professional careers
  • Conducts a Mentor Murmur webinar and profile (1 hour) that is recorded and shared to entire DDCSP community


  • Sharing expertise, knowledge and learn from next generation of diverse leaders
  • Directly contribute to growing the pathway of diverse leaders in environmental careers
  • Profile your work and career in DDCSP and ELP networks
  • Strengthen interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Network and connect with another mid - senior level professional as co-mentors
  • Receive training, support and stipend