Furthering Conversations & Training Online  

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The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP) alumni digital programming will further connect Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program alumni to each other and leaders in the conservation and environmental community, as well as racial, social, and environmental justice and interdisciplinary fields. Digital programming further exposes DDCSP alumni to ELP's extensive network of Senior Fellows, a group of over 1000 diverse leaders, holding expertise in a wide range of topics related to the environmental and conservation field. A mix of network leaders comprising of ELP staff, Senior Fellows, and DDCSP Alumni Network leaders help facilitate dialogue and training through online mediums such as Facebook Live, Zoom Webinars, Slack, and various other social media platforms.  

Digital programming is available to all alumni and will be listed on the calendar.


If you are interested in contributing to our digital programming for the DDCSP Alumni Network, please contact us. 


Also, see the DDCSP Alumni Network Digital Library for archived digital programs.

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