What are we looking for? Anything you want to share with the network!

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Did you recently participate in a regional meetup? Submit photos of the event with a summary of who was there, what you did, and what made it so awesome! Got an event coming up? Use the alumni network to market it and spread the word. If you're not sure where to start, send out an "ask" to your peers to brainstorm ideas for the next meetup. 


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Celebrations! Did you recently snag that promotion, get the funding, or master a new skill? Celebrate your wins with the network. No win is too small to celebrate. Sometimes it's easier to brag about our friends; so if you have an alumni friend who's accomplished something awesome, get their permission and share their story with the network.


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Did you recently try a new recipe or craft, or perfect one of your own? Share it, so your fellow alumni can try it out too! 


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Have a cause you care deeply about? A perspective on conservation you want shared? Contribute to the DDCSP blog! If you've written something for another blog, send us the link so we can read it! 

We want to hear from you! 

Email sydney@elpnet.org or lucy@elpnet.org with any questions.