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House Rules
We welcome honest, friendly, and open discussions on these platforms and encourage you to share conservation articles, events and ask questions of and share advice with your fellow alumni.

Our house rules are:

  • Stay (reasonably) on topic – these forums are for conservation-related issues.
  • Be courteous and respectful – no abusive, defamatory, or hateful language.
  • Keep it clean – no violations of copyright or intellectual property rights and no spam, link baiting, or files containing viruses.
  • Keep it commercial-free – no advertising of any goods or services you offer.
  • Keep it professional – no graphic or sexually explicit content or discussion of illegal activity. 
  • Want to send out jobs, fellowships, and internships? Please post on the DDCSP Alumni Website's Opportunity Board

We reserve the right to remove discussions that do not follow the guidelines above. 

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