November 30, 12:30 pm EST - December 15, 3:30 pm EST

6 Week Virtual Training Course | $1200 / participant

At the National Equity Project, we know that every person is impacted by racist messages and experiences - in different ways and to different degrees. Dismantling systemic oppression requires all of us working across identities towards a system that works for everyone - and along the way, we have different types of healing, support and learning to do in order to work together effectively towards that end. The National Equity Project is offering racial-affinity based LFE courses as a response to the ongoing trauma and distress caused by systemic oppression, and a recognition that people have different kinds of learning, growth and healing to do based on our racial identities in a system of racial oppression.

As people who benefit from white privilege and often hold positional power, these times call on us to ask: what is ours to do, individually and collectively? We need space to make meaning of - and process emotions connected to - the unearned advantages we carry, the harms we and others have caused, and the ways in which we are also harmed by a system of white supremacy. We are called upon to find ways to tap into agency and leadership to take action for equity in ways that start from the inside out.