October 17, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

As the stories of our present civilization continue to fracture and fray in the face of climate breakdown, pandemics, and social upheaval, how can we contribute to sowing the seeds for new beginnings to take root from out of this unraveling? How can we renew our relationship to the living world and reconnect the threads of people, land, and the sacred? What are the inner and outer dimensions of this work and how might the teachings of spiritual ecology enable us to participate?

This four-part course offers a deep dive into the philosophy and practice of spiritual ecology: an emerging field that brings together environmentalism with the spiritual values of reverence for nature, interconnectedness, reciprocity, and service.

Each week’s session will offer space for co-learning, deep listening, shared discussion, and reflective practice. We’ll draw on stories from Emergence to explore the teachings of spiritual ecology together in community.

Please note there will be required reading and preparation before each class.