September 14, 6:00 pm EDT - September 16, 8:00 pm EDT

Join Climate Corps for a three-night, activity-driven workshop led by Professor Jared Carter of Cornell Law School and featuring Lylianna Allala, Climate Justice Director at the City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability as well as EDF’s Esther Sosa, Project Manager of Diverse Partnerships and EDF’s Emily Wirzba, Manager of Government Relations.

This workshop will focus on sharing advocacy tactics that can be used to advance climate policies that rebuild our economy and create healthier communities, modernize our transportation and power sectors, and deploy equitable investments that prioritize environmental justice. Participants will engage in interactive activities, network with other aspiring climate advocates, and learn ways to act on climate in 2021 and beyond.
SIGN UP HERE by Thursday, September 9. Contact Michael Cronin with questions about the workshop or if you’re curious about any more immediate climate advocacy engagement opportunities!