April 12, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT

Propagating Variegation: the Racket of Rare Plants

If you’re a plant person, you’ve heard of Thai Constellation Monsteras- with cuttings starting around $200 and mature plants costing upwards of $1000. After hundreds of emails asking “Tyler, where can I buy a variegated Monstera that doesn’t cost $1,000?” He set out to answer that question.

Join us for a conversation with Tyler Thrasher about his adventures in plant genetics. As it stands, Tyler is teaming up with other scientists and botanists to mass produce a completely unique plant and offer it to the world for a reasonable and accessible price. There are no such thing as rare plants; all plant lovers should have access to the genetic diversity and beauty plants can display. 


About the Speaker: Tyler Thrasher

With an undying love for nature and its respective curiosities, there are few things Tyler Thrasher’s brain isn’t obsessing over. Between his pursuits to crystallize the world, opalize everything, and hunt down some of the realm’s most unique plants, his passion to combine art and science every step of the way is his fire and fuel. 

Chances are if you catch Tyler at a party, he’ll talk your ear off about exploring caves, growing minerals in his lab, playing Dungeons and Dragons, hybridizing new plants, electronic music, grappling with and overcoming trauma, and just how amazingly beautiful and mysterious this whole wide universe is




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