August 15, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT


Creativity is medicine; it’s an inherent part of who we are as human beings, and through us,
creativity longs to manifest via our visions, voices and stories for us and the world.

This workshop leverages tools in expressive healing arts, decolonization & resurgence wisdom, inspirational literature study, trauma-informed mindfulness and meditation, affirmation, and loving community sharing.

This workshop is for “womxn”, which to us means those who are 18+ years old and identify as women, womxn, womyn or femme.



This experience includes:

  • 3 hours of interactive, informative and inspiring workshop

  • Education on indigenous and decolonial perspectives on creativity, colonial barriers to creativity, and body wisdom

  • Creative guidance for meditation, expressive arts, play and connection

  • Hands-on practice with useful tools

  • Space to be in affirming community

You’ll walk away with:

  • Tangible, practical and enjoyable practices for self-awareness + creative empowerment

  • Additional post-workshop resources to expand and deepen the expression

  • New creative connections



The living agenda for the workshop looks like:

  • Introduction + intentions

  • Check-ins

  • Education/presentation

  • Guided meditation/Visualization

  • Expressive arts practice in pairs or small groups

  • Discussion

  • Movement or sound healing experience


This series is offered on a sliding scale from $33 - $55
(on a first come, first serve basis)

If the available rates are not feasible for you, please reach out to us with what you are able to invest/contribute. We have a number of partial scholarship available.

Reclaiming Creativity: A Workshop for Womxn

Reclaiming Creativity: A Workshop for Womxn

from 33.00

Your Facilitator


Peace creatrix,

This workshop was birthed from the 3-month Abundant Creativity Program (which starts again in January 2021) as a more accessible offering in regards to time and cash investment.

We took some of the most potent pieces of wisdom from the 3-month program and included it in this interactive workshop as both a juicy appetizer and a jump (re)start to this work of decolonizing creativity.

I’m excited to offer this as a lot can percolate from even 3 hours of reflection, play and sharing together!

Hope to see you,


“I whole-heartedly recommend this workshop to womyn of all backgrounds. It will help you discover yourself in powerful ways and integrate that power in the rest of your day to day life. ”
- Steph


“Working with Chetna allowed me to access the powerful tool of self-compassion to redefine my relationship with my inner critic. This redefinition has completely helped me transform my creative approach, allowing me to truly show up for myself and my writing practice. ”
- Leticia