October 21, 10:45 am EDT - October 24, 10:45 am EDT

Come to REP 2020 and explore the geography of racial segregation in Baltimore. Visit Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore’s once thriving black downtown and center of urban uprisings in 1968 and 2015. Compare Freddie Gray’s neighborhood with white neighborhoods a stone’s throw away and follow the sectoral pathways of black residential expansion. Learn about the city’s racialized geography of housing, crime, education, employment opportunities, public health, food ways, banking, social services, and more. See where Baltimore’s Hispanic population is clustering. Talk with local historians, community organizers, pastors, writers, and artists from Baltimore’s black community.

REP 2020 hosts will be Morgan State University and the University of Baltimore. The plan is to locate the conference in a center city hotel with plenary and paper sessions in different neighborhoods as appropriate.  Conference dates are still to be determined. Sponsorships welcome.

For more conference information, tailored readings on Baltimore, or to volunteer ideas or to help in conference planning and implementation, contact Joseph S. Wood at jswood@ubalt.edu