"Where in the world is DDCSP? Los Angeles, CA & To Be Determined"

DDCSP IRL (In Real Life)

As usual, in the spirit of flexibility and emergence, we have decided to make another shift in both structure and content for this fall’s programming. Yay to newness! DDCSP IRL will be an in person one-day local gathering with other DDCSP alumni that live where you live. You will connect with peers, share things you love about the region, and deepen the roots of our cross-cohort network and place. This time will be spent on joyous and restful activities, conversations, and quality time spent together as peers. These events will focus on strengthening local DDCSP relationships to each other and place and will be co-facilitated with DDCSP Alumni in the area.

This year’s locations:

  • LA!!!!
  • East Coast - BUT WHERE???

Not in one of these areas? Consider applying for regional meetup funds to do your own gathering with alumni in your area (or virtually!).

Why the focus on regional and local?

Past gatherings have left some alumni feeling disconnected or unsure of who is in their region. With previous DDCSP in-person programming, we've made national connections then flown back to our own communities. How can we form long-lasting connections to place and people? We want to connect and center through place and strengthen alumni's rootedness and sense of home in the areas where they live.

We are also taking inspiration from the Allied Media Conference that is emphasizing disability justice and localized communities, by prioritizing local relationship-building and discouraging cross-country travel for the sake of COVID safety among other things. 


Potential Timeline of a Day Together:

(fuzzy image alert! - click to enlarge!)

Potential Draft Timeline of a Day Together (SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON INTEREST FORMS):  9am Outdoor get to know you! Games, intros, grounding   10:30am Snack break! Field trip to your favorite local tea spot  11am Show us your favorite park, lizard spotting, birdwatching, history lesson. Let’s learn about place.  12pm Time for lunch! Break!   1pm Scavenger hunt with your lunch group <3  3pm Outdoor closing circle, appreciations, learnings, commitments to further the community  5pm (Optional) Movie night  8pm (Optional) Organize your night out! Keep the fun going



TLDR (too long didn't read ;)) *subject to change based on interest forms

  • 1-day in person gatherings in Fall 2022 to create localized DDCSP networks in alumni hubs group
  • "projects" or activities will be centered around the local communities and building crossover networks between DDCSP and other organizations
  • funds will be available for folks to connect again within 6 months for a local community-oriented activity
  • local travel expenses, lunch & snacks for the day, and childcare will all be paid for or reimbursable!


Why Los Angeles?

For this first iteration of DDCSP IRL, we wanted to find hubs of DDCSP alumni. LA is home to a lot of alumni from across programs. We think this would be a great place to strengthen local relationships.

Where will the East Coast DDCSP IRL be held?

The main DDCSP alumni hubs on the East Coast are Philadelphia, New York City, and D.C. Where the East Coast event will be held will be largely influenced by the level of interest of folks who fill out the interest form!  Unfortunately, that means that only folks who are local to the East Coast hub with the most interest will be able to attend. So make sure to fill out the interest form if you're interested! And get your local DDCSP alumni to fill out the form too!

How is this different than an ALC?

ALC's (Alumni Leadership Cohorts) were originally a 6-month commitment with one 4-day in person retreat. With COVID, ALCs became 100% virtual experiences with a 3-month commitment. ALC participants worked on group projects for the betterment of the network and the focus was not fostering community in places where alumni lived and/or were currently placed.

How is this different than a meetup?

Alumni can organize meetups on their own all over the world and get reimbursed! Meetups can be as small as 2 people and do not have to have any particular goal. This event is to get you to make new connections with alumni in your area and to show you parts of your local community you may not have previously engaged with! 

What will the day be like?

Check out the potential schedule above! These are just some loose ideas for how the day could go, but what we do and where we go will be largely decided by you, the group of attendees! We want to share your favorite local places and explore meaningful community spots with you all! Know of a family-owned hidden gem, a really cool museum exhibit, or secret park? Let us know in the interest form! 

Who can apply? If I don't live in one of these areas, can I attend?

DDCSP alumni who are regionally local to Los Angeles or one of the above listed East Coast hubs! The interest forms will help us decide where our East Coast event will be held. Unfortunately, that means that only folks who are local to the East Coast hub with the most interest will be able to attend. So make sure to fill out the interest form if you're interested! And get your local DDCSP alumni to fill out the form too!

Fill out this form by July 5th to help us gauge community interest!

If you are not a "regional local" consider applying for regional meetup funds to do your own gathering with alumni in your area (or virtually!). How doe we define "regional local"? We'd like you to self define! Use some of these questions inspired by Allied Media Projects as guidance:

  • Where am I growing roots?
  • Why is place-based organizing important?
  • Which place(s) am I accountable to?
  • How can I think globally but act locally?
How many people can attend?

We want to best engage and connect with the alumni who attend. For this reason, we'd like to keep the gatherings at 10 participants for each location.

What if more than 10 people sign up? How is it decided who can attend?

Though we hope to keep participation at 10 people per location, we respect the value of flexibility and acknowledging emergent needs. In the case that not everyone who signed up may attend, local folks who applied first will be prioritized first.

Is this a paid opportunity?

This is not a paid opportunity. However, local travel will be reimbursed up to $500 and childcare will be reimbursable up to $400. Lunch and snacks will also be provided, paid for, and/or reimbursable.

The alumni facilitator role will be paid $1200 for their time.

I’m interested in being an alumni co-facilitator! What are the requirements?
  • An ITIN or social security number will be required to participate as a facilitator. However, this is not required to simply show up as a participant!
  • We have space for 1 facilitator for each local event.
  • Each facilitator will be paid $1200 for their time.
  • The estimated hours for a facilitator is no more than 5 hours prior to the event, 8 hours for the event itself, and no more than 5 hours post event day.
  • This experience is for local DDCSP alumni to create community and connections. We are prioritizing the participation of folks who self-define as locals/ regional locals etc. 
  • There will be space in the regular interest form to indicate if you are interested in being a facilitator.
Can my friend, child, partner attend with me?

Yes! But we can only reimburse for travel and food for DDCSP alumni.

What are the COVID safety expectations of this event?

We are not requiring participants be vaccinated. However, we will be catering the safety precautions to the group of attendees. At the minimum, we will be following local recommendations of wearing masks indoors whenever possible and will not be attending very crowded places. The safety expectations and requirements will aim to serve the most cautious or most at-risk folks in our group of alumni attendees, based on answers received in our interest forms.

How do I sign up?

Fill out this interest form by no later than Monday, August 1st!