Covers of books, show posters, and album covers against a sunset background.

Every year for the past 5 years I've set my reading goal at 30 books, and every year I absolutely do not read 30 books. But these content recs by DDCSPers are getting me in the mood for an end of the year push! (I really want to read the new book, Babel, but it's over 600 pages... Anyone read it yet? Should I take the plunge?)

I love hearing what y'all are reading/ watching/ listening to. Keep sharing!



  • Mo on Netflix (Recommended by Sharmín, Collab '15)
  • Love Life on HBOMax (Recommended by Falisha, UW '17)
  • The White Lotus on HBOMax (Recommended by Falisha, UW '17)



  • The Joy Report by Intersectional Environmentalist (Recommended by Terryl, UM '20)