(Image courtesy of Diana Martinez)

Ashia, Luz, and I finished facilitating the ALC 4 virtual retreat a couple weeks ago. I already miss our amazing, intelligent, kind, goofy cohort. Thank you to all the ALC 4 participants for engaging with the program even as personal and political obstacles, stressors, and distractions arose. And thank you to my amazing co-facilitators for making our first virtual ALC retreat a success! This cohort will be working on 3 projects throughout the next 6 months. Below they will introduce themselves and their projects. If you're excited about participating in a future ALC, keep an eye out on our social media and newsletters! 

ALC 4 Media Team Casting Call

Hi! We’re Storm, Joseph and Erin—the ALC4 Media Team.

We are looking to create a professional video portrait of a DDCSP alum (or group of alumni) located on the east coast, especially in the NYC or DC areas. We’re hoping to collaborate with DDCSP alumni to explore their unique relationships with their environments, and to learn more about them and how DDCSP has informed their path. If this sounds interesting to you, or you have any ideas for our project, please reach out to alc4mediateam@gmail.com!


DDCSP ALC 4 Art Book


Introducing the DDCSP Art Book team! Samir, Tiffany, Brayden, and Keao (pictured top to bottom) are working on a continuation of a project from ALC 3 and I’m so excited to see it expand. Clearly this group isn’t lacking any creativity.







ALC 4 writing group

Hi y’all! ????

Our names are Blennna & Diana. We are currently part of ALC4,  and coincidentally we are also both Humboldt State University Graduates????

In the next six months we will be collaborating on publishing an article for Platform Magazine. Stay tuned! 


Got a question about an ALC group or project? Just ask! Sydney@elpnet.org