The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP) at the University of Michigan (UM) & Yale closed in September. The program operated at the University of Michigan from 2015-2020 and Yale University from 2020-2021.  The program admitted the first cohort of scholars in 2016 and the last in 2020.  A total of 101 Scholars participated in the program.  DDCSP UM & Yale alumni fondly remember their kayaking trip on the Huron River, days spent at the UM Biological Station, hiking at Tahquamenon Falls, and collecting water samples from the deck of the tall ships on Lake Michigan.  They are also unlikely to forget the capstone retreats to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Yellowstone National Park.  To date, 29% of the alumni are enrolled in or have completed graduate school (most have or are attending the University of Michigan and Yale University).  Program alumni are also making waves in the conservation workforce.  The alumni are or have been on the staff of more than 50 environmental organizations.

We want to thank the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation for its generous funding from 2015-2021.  The foundation's foresight and support made the last six years possible.

Our work in the institutional diversity space is not over.  DDCSP Yale has evolved into a new conservation diversity pathway program.  The Yale Conservation Scholars-Early Leadership Initiative (YCS-ELI) started operations in October 2021.  YCS-ELI is a nine-week internship program that admits scholars from around the country and places them in internships in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York.  Some Scholars may do their internships overseas or elsewhere in the U.S.  Scholars can participate in the program for one to three years.  YCS-ELI will hire its DDCSP alumni to help administer the program.  We hope to revive the capstone retreat to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the Bridgerton and Gallatin National Forests when the pandemic is over.  Of course, we will close out the summer experience with the famous kayaking trip down the Gallatin River.

DDCSP alumni who are in graduate school are eligible to apply for the Environmental Fellows Program.  


Thank you so much Dr. Taylor for all the work you've done with these programs!