Naanibah Begay, DDCSP UW Alumni standing in nature

“Environmental Science has so much to offer. It’s such a broad field with so many possibilities”.

The field of conservation combines our love for nature and the people around us. That is why Naanibah decided to pursue a career in water conservation. Naanibah grew up in Oak Springs, Arizona, part of the Navajo Nation. Growing up, Naanibah did not always have access to running water and electricity and understood how scarce natural resources can be. As she grew older, she became passionate about protecting those resources and how quickly they are being depleted.

After getting her Bachelors in Environmental Science from Colorado College, Naanibah was able to get a career working as an Environmental Specialist for the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, Inc. Office of Environmental Technical Assistance. She works with several Tribes and Pueblos in New Mexico to help them utilize water data collection software. The software allows Tribes to manage their water systems and quickly recognize any toxins or other irregularities that might affect their water supply.

Before joining DDCSP, Naanibah was interested in conservation but did not have a vision on what a career in conservation might look like for her. After joining the program, she was confident that she wanted to be part of the conservation field and was motivated to finish her degree. She continues to stay motivated by seeing how valuable her work is and how grateful everyone in the community is. She hopes to continue to pursue careers in conservation and give back to her community.

Written by Chris DeLeon