Image of DDCSPers kayaking on Lake George. Water and sky are blue. Mountains can be seen in the distance.

In September, DDCSP held its second homecoming on the East Coast. The Silver Bay YMCA campus is located on Kanienʼkehá ka (Mohawk), Mohikan, and N’dakina (Abenaki / Abénaquis) land. 

There was roughly an attendance of one hundred forty scholars that came together and staff. For many scholars, this was their first time seeing each other since their summer program or in six or three years. 

Coming together meant being eager to chat, make new connections, and share a meal. The place was filled with the vibrancy of love, kindness, and hopefulness that scholars share. But let's not forget the wandering geese and the beautiful weather we had. 🦆🌞

Safety was vital during this homecoming. Scholars had to test daily for safety purposes and use masks in indoor spaces except when eating and being outdoors.

Sessions and fun outings:

Many sessions were led by scholars on various topics that. Some that sessions I attended where:

Ps: Do forget to check them out on IG: @tiny_zoologist//@migratorypatternz 

Outdoor Outings:

👣 Hiking with friends and exploring the YMCA biodiversity such as walking and birding 

🎯Archery courtesy by YMCA staff

🛶Kayaking at the beautiful Lake George

🏸 Tennis and beach volleyball

After-hours activities:

Image of a colorful card game being played on a table.


Wingspan: Led by Jonathan Kwong and coach by Chigozie and Steven 

A card game about birds-- the goal is to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. Intense games could last up to two hours or more!

DDCSPers sit on steps and play card game, Uno

Mini-uno more like intense mini session led by Princess

Closing nights:

 🪵🔥Campfire under the stars with the best company, each other 

🐉 Dungeons & Dragons: DnD & DDCSP

    Thus far DnD was a very popular game and hyped among scholars. I highly 

encourage folks to check out our slack channel to learn more.

 🎤🎶🎵Karaoke Valerie • Jennifer Delgado (she/her)

 Karaoke was a popular event and many scholars showcased their unique singing skills.

 Check out the spotify playlist: Homecoming playlist on Spotify!

While at homecoming, it was incredible to see the deep connection we share within our community and the type of community we have created to support one another. 

This also meant that many scholars like myself were brainstorming, mobilizing, and looking into ways to stay connected over the next few years. Upon the closure of the homecoming, we saw that, based on the poem we created, although the news from the foundation saddens us, we know that this is not the end but rather a beginning in which our community gets strengthened by our new chapter.

Get connected! 

  • The Google Excel sheet is broken down by regions where scholars can connect with other scholars. (contact: dim87@humboldt) 
  • Slack channel allows scholars to share opportunities and stay connected
  • Conferences: are you attending one? Share via email or Slack. (Email if you don’t know how to get on our email or Slack)
  • Meet-up: organize yourselves or let others know more information here→ click here

Also please do not forget to support scholars work:

@Hairwithoutharm-- Lilian Augusta 

Heirloom-- @ashiainbloom

If we are missing something please write or Slack us so we can learn more about it!

For those who came to homecoming it was a pleasure meeting everyone and it was lovely to spend some days together like the old days.

For those who could not make it we truly miss you very much and we can't wait to see you.

So much love for everyone--until next time my dear community -`♡´-


Sincerely Diana M //@dsummers__

Picture credit & Camera: Isaac Aguilar