Time is a colonial construct.

We started off our year of programming with a self care webinar hosted by a familiar face, Teri Brezner! It was such a cozy little time together to catch up and talk about our ✨feelings✨. Thank you so much, Teri, for sharing your time and experience as well as these valuable resources with us all. Be sure to check out the resources Teri provided in the linked doc! Happy resting ;-)

SUSTAINABILITY: The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level

"Reclaiming My Time"

Personal Sustainability and Community Care Worksheet & Resources: Use this worksheet to see where you are giving most of your time and attention and how to balance that in a potentially more sustainable and beneficial way. Reclaim your time! 

The Nap Ministry: Assume everyone who has survived this far into a global pandemic is exhausted on some level. Can you decrease output more? Can you lay off requesting things and unnecessary calls and emails? Can you take a nap? Can you put your phone on DND? Just generally move slower.