Here we go! Season 3 of POLLEN is here with a brand new theme! 

Wait... What's POLLEN? ;-) 

If meeting a fellow Avatar fan is one of your biggest joys in life, this one's for you. We’re gonna laugh, cry, and muse over the industrial/post war parallels of the Fire Nation to RL all in 30 minutes! 

Join other DDCSPers as we nerd out on allllllll things Appa, Uncle Iroh, and the incideouness of government control and censorship. We will start each episode with a brief clip to get the convo going and then it’s 30 minutes of spoilers, questions, and gushing/discussion on how it relates to the real world. Bring whatever questions, favorite moments, you’ve got.

**Please note, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS ;) Probably no one needs a spoiler warning for this amazing show, but I just watched for the first time this year.... I know, I know.

Be sure to check out Season 1 and Season 2 POLLEN content.

Dates: 8.3, 8.10 & 8.17 @ 7:30pm ET