Welcome to a hot take on book clubs called [POLLEN]. This is an invitation to weekly bite sized explorations (all 30 minutes or less) of all the dope things that pollinate conservation in our lives. We’re talking about challenging the ideas of “pristine” forests and sci-fi queerness all through forms of IGTV, art, music, op-eds, poetry, and more. These are explorations to spark conversation, awe, joy, creativity, and pleasure. Join other DDCSP alum as awe fumble through and cross-pollinate ways conservation weaves through our world and our future world(s).  

11.10 the pristine and the untouched11.17 what you put in your mouth12.1 the future we choose


11.10 the PRISTINE and the UNTOUCHED [register]

11.17 what you put in your mouth [register]

12.1 the future WE choose [register]

All of these materials are "optional". Feel free to engage with what you have time for and with what most interests you. We will focus each conversation on 2-5 short form pieces all 30min or less and offer/ask that anyone joining discussions bring in their own experiences and other connecting learnings and readings as well. No matter if you have a chance to read, watch, or listen to the suggested material, you are welcome!