[POLLEN] has been going great! It's been so fun and interesting talking through the complexities of these topics with you all. Check out our reading materials and notes from what you put in your mouth below. There is one episode left! Check out the reading/viewing list for that here

Reading/viewing list:


  • "People associate food with identity. We eat this. This is us. They eat that. That is not us." - Michael Twitty
    • Why are people reluctant to relate to their enslaved ancestors? Is it internalized shame or unaddressed grief? What do we lose when we lose these connections?
  • People are the experts of their own bodies and experiences.
    • How do we encourage ourselves and others to make good food choices without putting blame or the burden of choice on already marginalized people?
    • What do we stand to gain from reconnecting with food spiritually, physically, and culturally?
  • Indigenous cultures are translators of the land and water.
    • Why does eating ancestral foods matter?