Thanks to all who participated in our first episode of [POLLEN]. We had great conversations and shared some laughs about work. There is one episode left! Check out the reading/viewing list for that here. If you missed our first conversation, feel free to review the below notes and materials from the PRISTINE and the UNTOUCHED. Just know, during our chat, we spilled tea! We got real! These are just some general insights, because what happens in POLLEN, stays in POLLEN. ;) 

Viewing list:


  • How do we feel about the wording of “habitat manipulators” vs “ecosystem engineers
    • “manipulator” has a negative context, but what’s the context for “engineer”?
    • Elephants and beavers are both considered ecosystem engineers. Are humans?
    • Do we consider ourselves engineers or manipulators?
      • How do different individuals or groups of humans change the environment in different ways?
      • How/why are some changes more destructive than others?
  • Is preservation an “outdated” methodology for environmentalism?
    • Who gets to decide if it’s truly outdated or not?
    • It is a concept rooted in land ownership, which many view as an outdated idea.
    • What are “new” ways to preserve?
  • We cultivate nature and nature cultivates us!
    • Everything is a garden!!