Mentorship Program Launch! This month begins the first group of mentee/mentor partnerships between DDCSP Alumni and Environmental Leadership Program Senior Fellows. This month we are highlighting Senior Fellow, Yewah Lau. Meet Yewah. 


Yewah Lau  (she/her)

Affiliations/affinity groups: US Forest Service

Current location: Port Townsend, WA

Hometown: Houston, TX

Describe what you do: "I serve as the land manager and decision-maker for approximately 300,000 acres of national forest land. I manage a broad range of national forest resources (e.g., recreation, watershed health, fish and wildlife habitat, forest products, fire, special uses, heritage) for current and future generations."

What do you find most meaningful/inspiring about your work?: "I love working with others - employees, tribes, and community members - who are also passionate about the land we steward. Ranging from retirees who volunteer their time every week to maintain trails, to tribal partnerships on aquatic restoration projects, to long-standing, place-based stakeholder groups, I'm honored by the time and dedication others put forth to help care for and support our public lands."

What are celebrations and/or challenges overcome in the environmental sector?: "In the current political environment filled with conflict, disrespect, and opposition, I'm grateful for the collaborative relationships that have been built at the local level. Although distrust still lingers from the days when clear-cut logging clashed with preserving old-growth forests, broad-based collaborative groups comprised of both the timber industry and environmental groups now commonly engage in discussions around forest management practices on public lands. Much progress has been made in finding common ground, as well as ways to support local economies and preserve habitat."


Have you graduated or getting ready to graduate and wondering about your next steps?  If yes, now is the perfect time to apply to the second cohort of the mentorship program beginning in June, 2019.