picture of Albert

Mentorship Program Launch! This month begins the first group of mentee/mentor partnerships between DDCSP Alumni and Environmental Leadership Program Senior Fellows. This month we are highlighting Senior Fellow, Albert Arevalo. Meet Albert.


Albert Arevalo

Pronouns: he, him, his

Affiliations/affinity groups: Latino Outdoors, LULAC Lambda, Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Empoderate!

Current location: Washington, DC

Hometown: Brownsville, TX

Describe what you do: "Manage Brookside Gardens Volunteer Program and oversee the Gardens community engagement efforts"

What do you find most meaningful/inspiring about your work?

"Working at a public garden, I find myself in an opportunity to introduce DEI concepts to my colleagues. Public Gardens have been the slowest into adopting DEI practices but I see potential at Brookside in leading and being an example for our sister gardens."

What are celebrations and/or challenges overcome in the environmental sector?

"Since the release of Green 2.0, the conversation about the lack of people of color in green jobs gained evidential support. The report allowed organizations to re-evaluate their efforts into truly being inclusive and allowing POC to have a voice in the conversation. Personally, the report validated my fears but gave me hope that organizations would act to correct their mistakes."

Have you graduated or getting ready to graduate and wondering about your next steps?  If yes, now is the perfect time to apply to the second cohort of the mentorship program beginning in June, 2019.