Image of Ashia, Sydney, and Luz smiling.


We are so excited to meet the fourth Alumni Leadership Cohort. Ashia, Luz, and I have been working for months to curate an experience that is joyful, fulfilling, and thoughtful. This cohort will be our first virtual ALC. Firsts can be daunting, but we know that DDCSP alumni are an exceptionally engaged and passionate group of people. We have no doubt ALC 4 will be an amazing time. We can't wait to meet you! Learn more about ALC here.

Ashia Ajani (they/she) is a Black storyteller, environmentalist and sociologist hailing from Denver, Colorado. They hold a B.A. in environmental studies from Yale University and are a Masters of Environmental Management Candidate at YSE. They enjoy leafy greens, leopard print, and the sound of Black people winning. Ashia completed DDCSP at UCSC in 2018 and ALC 3 in 2019.

Luz (she/her) is excited to bring her joy of movement, music, and sitting in questions to ALC 4. She wholeheartedly loves answering questions with questions, eating avocados, and smelling cempasúchil. Common threads that have run throughout Luz’s career are relationship-building, curriculum design, and resource sharing. She has a degree in English and Applied Learning Development degree from The University of Texas at Austin that somewhat helps her write bios and think of all the ways to fold paper (hot dog and hamburger style included).

Sydney (she/her) is a Southern environmentalist with degrees in Fine Arts and Environmental Sustainability from the University of Michigan. She completed DDCSP in 2018 and ALC 3 in 2019. She is constantly learning new things and can usually be found with a stack of books. Sydney spent this summer in South Dakota, learning how to rock climb, backcountry hike, and identify plants.