"Meet the Cycle 2 Grantees, Thank you to all who voted and/ or submitted proposals"

We are so excited to see where these amazing projects go this year! Thank you to everyone who participated in the process by voting and/ or submitting a grant proposal. Stay tuned for more updates on how to get involved in these awesome alumni opportunities :) 

Lauren Kim with Fish Maiden Accessories: "I hope that this can be an opportunity for DDCSP alumni to participate in a creative outlet, learn a practical skill like knot-tying, and engage with other creatives in our community. "Benji Galindo with Seed and Skill Exchange Network  "Not only will this network facilitate the sharing of beneficial/culturally-significant plants/mushroom species between members, but members will be encouraged to share the seeds of their knowledge/skills with the rest of the network as well."Samara Almonte with the All About Grief Summit: "As BIPOC and people of the diaspora, we are constantly processing not only our own grief but the collective grief of our ancestors as they have been impacted by colonial, capitalist and patriarchal structures... Healing is never just an individual action, healing is rooted in collective care as well, which this summit hopes to share with participants."Wawa Gatheru with The Hazel M. Johnson Fellowship  "The Hazel M. Johnson Fellowship, named after the ‘Mother of the Environmental Justice Movement’, will aim to offer a supportive, intergenerational community of collective care for emerging Black girls, women, and non-binary environmentalists."Phoebe Little with the Conservation Conversations Podcast: "This podcast will highlight the conservation work that DDCSP alums are doing out in the "real world" as well as highlight the impact DDCSP has on its participants. The series will air on my local public radio station and online worldwide."Marcy Brown with Adventures in Environmental Justice  "This compendium will provide an alternative to the narratives of conquest and power-chasing we see so often in gaming, and will offer a new perspective on how to communicate with youth about climate justice topics and introduce play, joy, and radical imagination to issues usually surrounded by gloom and anxiety."