Thanks to everyone who attended DDCSP's first Knowledge Share last month, put together by Storm (UCSC '18) and Tonyisha (UM '17)! This was the first in a series of webinars for alumni to discuss the future transition of the Network and learn about self governance and collaboration together! You can review the slides below. Hopefully this can get you inspired and excited about the future of our community! 


Storm shared an overview of various governance structures and how they might relate to a future DDCSP Alumni Network. 

GOALS FOR FUTURE  KNOWLEDGE SHARES  GOAL #1 Learn about potential governance and leadership structures for a fully alumni-led community. GOAL #2 Deliberate on various structures combined with skills and expertise of the Network.  GOAL #3 Collaborate with Storm and Tony on the decision-making process for the self- governance structure

Got an idea for a future Knowledge Share? Reach out to 

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS  What are your hopes and aspirations for a self-governing Alumni Network? What parts of the current alum network do you want to maintain?  Do any of the governance structures presented resonate with you? Why or why not? What function would you like the alum network to have moving forward?   What questions do you have that will help move this conversation forward?  What would make the Network more active and participatory?

Food for thought...