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The Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University is recruiting doctoral and master's level graduate students for Fall 2019.  

The department has a long and distinguished history, being one of the first of its kind.  It currently has a productive and diverse faculty working on broad array of questions involving microbes, plants, vertebrate and invertebrate animals and whole ecosystems. Field locales span the globe from the old and new world tropics to the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions, as well as the uplands, wetlands and coastal areas of Long Island and nearby New York City.

Upon admission, PhD students are guaranteed teaching assistantships upon acceptance, with additional support available through fellowships and research assistantships, as they become available. The deadlines for applications are Dec. 1, 2018 for the PhD program. Admissions to the MA program are rolling until April 15, 2019.  

Below is a listing of current local program faculty to whom questions can be directed. It is highly recommended that PhD applicants contact potential advisors before submitting your application.  For questions or assistance with the application process please e-mail our Graduate Program coordinator, Melissa Cohen.


H. Resit Akcakaya - Population and conservation ecology

Stephen B. Baines - Aquatic ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry

Michael A. Bell - Contemporary evolution and biology of fishes

Liliana M. Dávalos - Vertebrate phylogenetics, biogeography and conservation

Walter F. Eanes - Evolutionary genetics of Drosophila

Jessica Gurevitch - Research synthesis, plant population and invasion ecology

Jesse D. Hollister - Plant evolutionary genomics and epigenetics

Jeffrey S. Levinton - Marine ecology and paleobiology

Heather J. Lynch - Quantitative ecology and conservation biology

Ross H. Nehm - Science education, evolution education, cognition

Dianna K. Padilla -  Marine and freshwater ecology, conservation and invasion biology

Joshua Rest - Evolutionary genomics

Robert W. Thacker- Systematics, phylogenetics, and ecology  

John R. True - Evolutionary developmental biology

Krishna R. Veeramah -  Evolutionary Genomics and Paleogenomics


Jackie Collier - Microbial ecology

Nolwenn M. Dheilly - Evolution of Host-Parasite Interactions

Andreas Koenig - Behavioral ecology of primates

David Q. Matus - Evolution of Cell Invasion

Catherine Markham - Behavioral ecology

Janet Nye - Quantitative Fisheries Ecology

Alistair Rogers - Plant Physiology and Climate Change

Shawn P. Serbin - Plant Physiology and Remote Sensing

Jeroen B. Smaers - Brain Evolution, Phylogenetic Comparative Methodology,
Macroevolutionary Morphology

Leslie Thorne - Ecology and Behavior of Marine Birds and Mammals

Nils Volkenborn - Benthic Ecology and Sediment Biogeochemistry

Patricia Wright - Tropical Conservation and Primatology


Want to ask a question to an alumni of Stony Brook University? Melissa Mark, Director of DDCSP@NAU, would by happy to answer any questions from DDCSP scholars who might want to apply. Melissa's info is below.

Melissa Mark, PhD

Director- Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program

Landscape Conservation Initiative

Affiliated Faculty 

School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

Northern Arizona University