Sujata, DDCSP NAU '14 alumni, stands in the center of a group photo with her cohort.

Sujata Gautam (DDCSP NAU '14) is pictured center in green pants with her current cohort. "It's been amazing and I almost feel like it is the graduate school version of DDCSP in many ways."

Taken from the program website: The first place-based, face-to-face social innovation and sustainability leadership MA program in the nation.

We believe the purpose of leadership is to co-create well-being in ourselves, our workplaces and in our communities through bridging the three divides.*

  1. The divide between self and our highest potential. How do we become the most effective leader possible and co-create well-being in our organizations and communities?
  2. The divide between self and others. How do we strengthen relationship with other individuals and groups so that we can have a more equitable and inclusive world
  3. The divide between self and nature. How do we create organizational, social, and economic systems that are in harmony with natural systems?


To learn more about this unique program, reach out to Program Assistant, Hewan Schade, or visit the program's website.