Folks that still need your support (Donations, petitions, messages & calls to reps)


Hey folks! 

I know we are all doing our best to support individuals and organizations in their work for justice, as well as supporting people who are just trying to live and thrive under systems of oppression. The amount of need can be quite overwhelming, and it can sometimes take a serious time investment to find people to donate to or tangible steps to take towards action. I've done a lot of that labor for you with this blog, in finding fundraisers and campaigns that have still not met their goals (in signatures or funds) and that support a wide variety of causes. Whether you've got money or time to spare, these are steps that you can easily take to make a difference. Also, don't forget that when sending emails to representatives, always make your message and subject line unique with even slight changes so they don't get filtered straight to the trash.

Please let me know if you find this to be helpful, and I can try to make it a regular series on our blog.



Reach out to Representatives: