Jordan Williams, RAY ‘16, ELP (NERN ‘17)

*Outgoing* Program Manager, RAY Conservation Diversity Fellowship

“The 2019 and third annual People of the Global Majority Summit (PGM ONE) brought together professionals and radical change makers of color/the global majority who work in the environmental and outdoor movement to love, share, create, learn, and build. For three days, leaders from our ELP, RAY, and DDCSP communities joined with old friends and new ones in Philadelphia, bringing and engaging our grace, curiosity, brilliance, beauty, and power. I personally left PGM ONE with renewed strength and a deepening resolve that it is up to us, people of the global majority, to shape the visions we seek in the universe; that we are simply too amazing not to thrive in our power and joy; that our ancestors are right here with us, eagerly awaiting all that we’ll do with their gifts and wisdom; and that the time for change is now.”


Dyaami D'Orazio, DDCSP (UW ‘14, ALC 1)

“PGM ONE was an amazing opportunity to be in community with folks of color who care about the earth as much as I do. I attended a workshop called "New Lens: Rethinking Resilience" with L Aaron Smith which did an excellent job of getting intimate and deep while maintaining transparency and honesty about what we were discussing. I also attended "Tools for Healing Our Relationship to Swimming & Water" which opened my eyes to slowing down my relationship to water, understanding its role in my life and other people's lives, and how it can also be a vessel for healing in the outdoors for communities of color. I danced so much at the Life Do Grow urban farm, which was a necessary part of my learning and unlearning, healing and reimagining throughout the conference. I am very grateful to have gone and look forward to helping create more spaces like it.”


Analisa Freitas, ELP (CRN ‘15)

“[I] appreciated being around many colleagues from the outdoors movement space, after usually being with those who are more in the organizing and campaigns world! I felt a desire to take all the wisdom in the room and make it explicitly about training and power-building - which I hope will take place in the next PGM ONE iteration.”


Guilu Murphy, DDCSP (UM '17, ALC 1)

*Incoming* Program Coordinator, RAY Conservation Diversity Fellowship

My favorite part was adrienne maree brown's keynote of course! Ideas about focusing on being together without centering whiteness (including complaining about whiteness) is so important! How do we build solidarity amongst PGM without doing that? It's so important. The questions she raised about how we engage in principled struggle where we're all actually trying to build something also resonated with me. So often I find myself in hypercritical spaces where it really feels like we're not building towards anything together and it was a great reminder that even if we do have critiques, if we're invested enough we should hold ourselves accountable to building a cause up (and addressing the criticisms), not solely tearing it down.