Image of Ki'Amber Thompson and some of the youth her org serves.

Thank you to everyone who attended our most recent webinar with Ki'Amber Thompson. Everyone asked really good questions. Below are some notes and resources from the webinar. And don't miss our next webinar on Getting Hired in a Nonprofit (register here)! 


  • Specify your vision based on what you want to accomplish/solve, but also on what you can personally offer. What knowledge, resource, perspective, or personal experience do you have that no one else does? 
  • Use your networks! Ask questions and talk about your goals with peers, mentors, coworkers etc. This is a great way to gain new perspectives to obstacles you're facing and to crowdsource solutions. 
  • Ask for feedback. Specifically from those directly impacted by your vision (ie stakeholders). What do people love? What opportunities aren't you seeing?


"How is healing our relationship with the Earth related to healing our relationships with each other?"


Watch the full webinar recording here

Visioning Resources: