Photo of Sarah Anderson with a big smile

Thank you to Sarah Anderson for her encouragement and helpful insights in our last webinar. And thank you to all who attended; the questions and overall participation were great! You can watch the full webinar here.

Here are some short notes from the webinar:

  • Public speaking is just another a form of communication! It is not superior to writing, editing, etc. So don't be down on yourself if you're better at other forms of communicating.
  • A one-on-one conversation is still public speaking. All the same "rules" apply. There is a purpose to your talk, a flow, and a style depending on your audience. These apply no matter how many people you're speaking to/with.
  • Some people perform their best with less practice, while others need to fine-tune their talk through repetition.
    • Remember, your comfort is #1! If you need to ask for accommodations from the venue or organization, that is perfectly valid and normal.
    • Practice with friends or coworkers somewhere you feel safe before tackling harder spaces.
  • If there is a Q+A section, remember, there is always a way to deflect tough questions if you don't have the answers. Practice a few go-to's beforehand! 

And finally, as Sarah said, “We don’t have to sell anyone on anything, we’re already enough.”